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Kinder Program

Colegio Junipero has a Pre-school Program with three levels:

  • Pre kinder 3 year olds
  • Kinder 4 year olds
  • Pre Primary 5 year olds

Our priority in Pre-school is to offer academic excellence and to develop social and emotional growth in young children during their first formal years of schooling. Children are exposed to the English language, from the very beginning, through a qualified staff of teachers who use a variety of resources and technological tools as teaching aids. Since English is the only language spoken, by the end of the three pre-school years, children understand, sing, pray, start to read and write, and are able to engage in a conversation in English.

Our Religion Program promotes the love for God, Jesus and Mary, from an early age. It develops strong Christian values based on the Dominican spirituality. Children learn to pray in English and to participate in special liturgical celebrations throughout the year. At a young age, they learn the value of giving to others who are less privileged.

In order to meet the enrollment demands, our Kinder expanded in August 2014, to include three classrooms in Pre-Kinder and Kinder. Each of the Pre-school grades has two certified teachers.

Pre-Kinder. It is the first formal schooling experience in Juniper. Special care is given so children feel happy and supported, during this first year. They are introduced to the English language through a program that includes oral language development, play activities, games and music.

Kinder. Language development is the priority in Kinder. Children learn to express themselves more fluently in English, learning basic Grammar skills and Vocabulary. A pre-writing and pre-reading program is used to introduce the children to alphabetical exposure and phonetical awareness.

Pre-Primary. An interactive, English phonics program is used to develop a solid foundation in language, reading and writing skills. By the end of Pre-Primary, children develop a strong foundation to make a smooth transition into “the big school”.

  • School Schedule: 8:15-12:00
  • Recess: 10:00-10:30
  • Early Dismissal Day, on special occasions: 8:15-11:30
  • On the last Friday of most months: There is no school for children, due to faculty meetings and teacher-training workshops, required by the S.E.P.